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Looking to get every edge of your house cleaned? Our Professionals have got your back

Not to mention but due to a lack of time or a hectic schedule, most of the house are not celar from every edge as it can become disorganised and messy at times. Fortunately, Flying Laundry is one of the best home cleaning in Noida, and they will keep your home sparkling and clean. We assist you in keeping your family happy and healthy. Our professionals relieve your stress by eliminating all pests and germs and keeping the environment free of diseases.

We are a group of professionals with extensive experience in cleaning your home. We guarantee to provide world-class home cleaning services while also guaranteeing the safety of your home and assets. Aside from that, our professionals can assist you in keeping your family healthy by living stress-free in a fully sanitised and calm environment. we have been the leading cleaning agency for a long.

We clean your house to improve its appearance and make a good impression on visitors. We strive to make your life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We organise your home so that you can focus on your daily tasks.

We are your one-stop shop for bathroom, kitchen, and sofa cleaning service in Noida. We complete our tasks while ensuring your satisfaction. When it comes to cleaning your home assets, we use cutting-edge equipment and practises. And make it brand new. We have also gained expertise in providing top-rated house cleaning services in Noida and are the best option for anyone looking for this home cleaning in Noida.


  1. Dusting Furniture Mattress
  2. Vacuuming Cupboard Window and grill cleaning from the outside and inside
  3. Fixtures for lighting
  4. Dry dusting of walls and ceilings and floor scrubbing


  1. Exhaust Fan & Window
  2. Cleaning Appliances from the Outside
  3. Cabinets from both the inside and outside
  4. Platform for the Kitchen
  5. Removal of Cobwebs
  6. Drywall and ceiling dusting
  7. Scrubbing the Floor


  1. Showers and faucets
  2. Exhaust Fan & Windows
  3. Scrubbing the Floor and Tiles
  4. Removal of cobwebs
  5. Outside shelves and cabinets, as well as open shelves if emptied
  6. Cleaning of Mirrors and Glass
  7. Washing machine and toilet
Why Choose Us?

In order to provide a 100% Service Guarantee to all of our customers, we have assembled a flexible and highly skilled operating team. To determine why and for what you need homecare, simply take a tour of your home and note the numerous items that require repair or cleaning.

There may be a faulty light that has stopped working, and you've discovered leaking faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Find that the legs of your dining chairs are squeaking, your sofa has dog and cat hair syndrome and dust mites, and you will wonder whether your maid is doing an excellent job.

  1. Background Examined
  2. Competent specialist
  3. Timely Service
  4. Reliable & Transparent
  5. Money-back assurance
  6. Normalized pricing