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Looking to start a laundry business? You may be a new business owner or someone who has been in business for a while. Flying Laundry can help you by offering the best laundry franchise in India so you can start a business and generate good revenue. There are a lot of benefits of getting a Flying Laundry Franchise, like faster growth and not having to spend money on advertising, and the promise of a higher return on your investment. The flying dry cleaning franchise has good potential, both in terms of the number of potential customers and the size of the Indian market as a whole.

Join Hands with India's Best Laundry and Dry Cleaning Chain

Starting a business may look hard, if not downright scary. But don't worry, the flying Laundry will help you get your laundry business off the ground with a ready-made, proven business model. If you're a passionate business owner who wants to help build a business in the Laundry and Drycleaning Industry, you should join our franchise.

There are a lot of benefits, like faster growth and not having to spend money on advertising, and the promise of a higher return on your investment. A dry cleaning franchise has good potential as it can help you to set up a result-driven business and get started quickly with the ROI.

Our company offers a low-cost investment and a business model that has been tried and tested. Our company offers full training and support, as well as strong marketing campaigns in both traditional and digital formats. We work with our franchise taker to ensure that our customers get the right coverage and prices. Join forces with the most experienced brand online right away to make your dream of starting a dry cleaning or laundry franchise come true!

Get Access to the most Advanced and Modern Machinery with Flying Laundry Franchise

With flying laundry franchises you get access to the high-end machines that enable you to function smoothly. We help entrepreneurs to find the best and most durable machines that can help them in the long run. Our professionals have 10+ years of experience in the laundry industry that will help you not just with the selection of the machine but the placement as well.

What makes us the leading laundry and dry cleaning franchise in India?


Flying Laundry's professionals help you with where to put your business (it needs at least 650 square feet), and also includes help with design, layout, and build-out, as well as a list of all the equipment you'll need and contacts for vendors to get your business up and running quickly.


Initial training both at the company's headquarters and on-site. This training will cover important topics like general business management, human resources, and how to give good customer service.


A full operations manual with procedures, business management tasks, quality control standards, forms, human resources recommendations, and job descriptions.


Marketing assistance, including the permission to use Flying Laundry trademarks and logos, as well as guidance on promoting your location in the local community, evaluation and approval of all local advertising materials, and brand exposure via our corporate website and social media platforms.


Ongoing support, such as periodic field visits to check on the progress and growth of your eco-friendly franchise, onsite business meetings that cover important topics like marketing, operations management, staffing, and facility maintenance, as well as refresher training and other programme updates, as needed.


Access to our authorised dry cleaning processing sites, allowing you to concentrate on dry cleaning pick-up and delivery services, as well as onsite laundry services.

How Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchise can be the Great Choice for entrepreneurs?

Excellent returns on investment

We know from our own experience that a laundry franchise makes money quickly. This is mostly because they don't spend a lot of money on equipment and products overall. We keep our prices low so that we can be the best on the market. This helps us get more customers and makes sure that all of our stores can make a steady, good living.

Laundry service will always be needed

Even when things aren't sure, laundry is still a very important service. During the lockdown, this is one of the few places that didn't have a lot of trouble. Even though our service wasn't seen as essential, our customers still needed it. After the lockdown, it didn't take long for us to start making money again because our customers were waiting for us to start up again.

Take advantage of the brand's visibility to make more money

It takes time for people to notice a new store, especially if it doesn't have a well-known brand name. By buying a laundry franchise, you can skip the first few steps of starting a business, where you have to spend a lot of time and effort building a brand presence. A franchise makes it easier and more successful for you to start your own business.

Stable income and no way to borrow money

The ordering and payment process for Flying laundry is simple. Customers who use our services either pay ahead of time or pay when they pick up their clean clothes. This way, your business will have a steady flow of cash and you won't have to worry about getting paid later.

Access to the best technologies on the market

As a franchise location, you will be able to use the same new technologies and tools as the rest of the chain. This way, you will be able to offer a better experience to your customers. Most laundries that aren't organised don't offer these benefits to their customers.

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